A Lasting Legacy

In 2012, we began our first step in adding to the legacy of St. Paul’s when the decision was made to move forward with a needed major renovation of our space. The total construction budget was slightly over $2 million. It was clear that a project of this size would require the financial support of the congregation, as well as the Diocese and community foundations.

BELIEVE, the first in a series of Capital Campaigns, was launched to secure the financial commitment of the congregation. The goal for BELIEVE was to raise $300,000.00 for a portion of the down payment needed to move forward with construction. The Building Committee also identified potential grants from the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and community foundations. Thanks to the hard work of Fr. Deon and the Building Committee, and the generosity of the congregation, the BELIEVE pledge goal was attained; and we successfully secured grant commitments for $1 million! These grants, which paid for nearly 50% of the project, were critical in allowing us to move forward with the renovation.

In the latter part of 2015 we converted our remaining construction debt, of $800,000.00, into mortgage loans that would be repaid over the next 20-years. The Vestry and Finance Committee, in arranging the financing, decided to retain $80,000.00 of BELIEVE contributions as a reserve to ensure that we would be able to meet our loan obligations even if we had periodic shortfalls in future Capital Campaigns donations.

In 2017, we embarked on the second of the series of Capital Campaigns, Continuing the Legacy Campaign. This campaign was focused on paying our monthly mortgage obligations. The goal of the campaign was to raise $250,000.00, to cover monthly loan payments through December 31, 2018, and to pre-pay an additional portion of our total building debt. Nearly 40 families pledged $100,000 towards that goal and made $32,000 in pledge payments during 2016. In order to meet our loan obligations in 2016 we had to withdraw $18,000 from our reserves. We have 2-years remaining on the Continuing the Legacy Campaign and we still need $150,000.00 in new pledges to reach our goal.

Our Continuing the Legacy Campaign, led by Laura Zizka-Wright, is asking every parish family, who has not yet pledged, to make a sacrificial gift. Every gift, no matter the amount, will help to ensure the enduring legacy of welcome, inclusion, acceptance and engagement here at St. Paul’s.

Just as the past generations of St. Paul’s have sacrificed to build a 136-year legacy, we have added to that legacy by creating an amazing new space that will allow St. Paul’s to grow and serve the spiritual needs of the Brighton area. But our job is not done as our continued financial sacrifice and commitment is needed to eliminate the building debt.