The Art Gallery at St. Paul’s was started in 2015 by a group of dedicated artists from the congregation. Stemming from a vision of providing a space in downtown Brighton for local artists to display their work, several renowned art pieces have hung on the walls at St. Paul’s.

Each exhibit is unique and highlights the many forms of art expression present in the wider community. Each exhibit lasts approximately 4 months.

Please contact the parish office if you are interested in exhibiting at St. Paul’s.

Current Exhibit Information

"Art Expressions": Pat Bursch

St. Paul’s welcomes artist Pat Bursch.

You can view the exhibit during office hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am – 1pm – check St. Paul’s Facebook page for office closures).

Artist Statement

I’m a pastel artist whose favorite subjects are marine life and the insect world. My Interest in surrealistic art developed after a long period in realistic rendering and stylized drawings. Today my natural talent comes out in spontaneous expressive line drawing, as opposed to explanatory and realistic works. I have a whimsical sense of humor, and it is expressed well in the surrealistic style. Over the years, I have found my unique sense of humor is better expressed in surreal art than in conversations with people, which sometimes results in odd looks or misunderstandings from others.

I often blend the human form into the environment, and sometimes also in the form of fashion figures or faces. The subjects I use range from natural subject like insects, marine life, plants, floral, to humans and their artifacts. I use our materialistic world in my art to help tell the story, only when necessary. My surrealistic art is an expression of what is going on in our society, whether it is environmental or social issues, the human condition, everyday or spiritual experiences. I am moved to produce works that range from serious to humorous.

I am captivated by the beauty and wonder of life, and create my art with a variety of subject matter. My personal style and technique is painterly, emotionally expressive, along with many human expressions that capture the situation. This work is sometimes a combination of realism & surrealism. I believe this surrealistic style will take me to the end of my life. My goal isn’t so much for monetary gains, as it is to make a statement that has an impact on our society and planet.