: : Youth Formation

At St. Paul's we believe that our youth are an integral part of who we are as a community of faith. Our hope is that through the leadership of these talented young men and women we can learn to be more fully the church.

The St. Paul's Youth Group meets on Sundays evenings @ 5:00pm in the Youth Room.

: : St. Paul's Youth Group

Does NOT have the crusty, sleep-inducing programs of the past.

We have a pig, graffiti walls, thumb wars, pizza, Movie and Game nights!

is a totally new approach to youth ministry that trusts youth to wrestle with the historic Christian faith and theology.

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O God, yours is the beginning and the ending of our journey: We thank you for these youth and all that has brought them to this moment. We thank you for their keen sense of adventure, their confidence, and their willingness to take the risks that go with learning to be among us as adults. Be with them in all the times of their venturing into life; Always be alert in them to what lies ahead, behind, and beside; continually enjoying the ride and attentive to the destination; and bring them at last to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ. Amen.






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