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It can be a little intimidating walking into a church for the first time. Or maybe it's just been a long time (like 20 years ago when your mom dragged you to Sunday School). A lot has changed since then. The songs are singable, the sermon understandable, and you don't need to come in a suit. (By the way, we'd love to see you this Sunday.)

These pages are designed to be a visual welcome and introduction to who we are as a community of faith. But nothing beats actually being here and experiencing it for yourself.

Please note that by clicking on the pictures below a pop-up window will open. Hope to see you in Church!

2013 Parish Photos
Aerial Photos of Construction
Construction Day 11
Construction Day 17
Construction New Walls
Construction Day 1
Construction Day 3
Construction Day 9
Final Liturgy & Celebration
First Liturgy
2013 Grounbreaking
Easter Sunday 2013
2013 Confirmation
Jenny's Ordination
2013 Annual Meeting
Shrove Tuesday 2013
Lenten Retreat 2013


2012 Parish Photos


Advent 2012
5:00pm Christmas Eve 2012
Beer & Hymns 2012
Pig Roast 2012
Parish Picnic 2012
Holiday Boutique 2012
Easter 2012
Messy Church June 2012
Messy Church July 2012
Palm Sunday 2012
Maundy Thursday 2012
Good Friday 2012
Shrove Tuesday
Ashes & Acolytes
Spring 2012

2010 & 2011 Parish Photos


Messy Church 2011

Roger Walker's Ordination

Christmas 2011

Dauthers of the King Installation

Pentecost 2011 

Priestly Ordination 2011

Maundy Thursday 2011

Good Friday 2011

Easter 2011

130th Celebration  

VBS 2010

Bishop's Visit 2010


Carnival Sunday


Holy Week & Easter 2010

Parish Retreat 2010
Parish Photos 2009

Parish Picnic 2009

G3 Gardens in Growth

G3 Gardens @ St. Paul's

G3 Gardens @ Emrich

Easter Day 2009

Holy Week 2009

Shrove Tuesday 2009
Service from 1880

Sunday School Project

2007 - 2008 Galleries

Blessing of the Animals

Caribbean Dinner

Parish Picnic 2008

Vacation Bible Schoo '08

Youth Car Was & Retreat

Sunday School Scenes

Scenes from St. Paul's

Pentecost with Baptism

Brighton Art Fair

Holy Week & Easter

Shrove Tuesday

Advent & Christmas







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