: : Parish Ministries

There are several parish ministries at St. Paul's in which to be involved. This is just a brief listing of the many ministies present here. Nothing beats getting involved and seeing exactly what its like to be part of a team.

: : Acolytes | Altar Guild | Choir | Buildings & Grounds

: : Chalice | Choir | Christian Education

: : Communications | Daughters of the King | Eucharistic Visiors

: : Finance Team | Greeters | Holy Hospitality | Lectors

: : Men's Group | Parish Life | Prayer Chain | Peace & Social Justice

: : Stewardship | Service and Outreach | Vestry


: : Acolytes
This talented group of young people serve at the altar on Sundays and other occasions of worship. Their primary role is to assist the clergy during worship.

: : Altar Guild
Open to all ages, these dedicated men and women care for the vessels and vesture of worship as well as set up for all services of worship.

: : Buildings & Grounds
The general upkeep and maintenance of the building and its surrounds falls to this group. They host 2 major cleanup days throughout the year.

: : Chalice Bearers
Assistants at the altar who help in the distribution of the Eucharistic Elements.

: : Choir
"Sing unto God a new song..." The Choir supports singing as part of worship and puts on two concerts per year.

: : Christian Education
Formation is at the heart of Christianity as well are all continually formed along 'the way'. From toddlers to seniors programs are available for all ages to continue their journey of faith. Explore, Re-discover, and expand your faith journey!

: : Communications
Responsible for advertising events and activities of St. Paul's within the community. Meets periodically as the need arises.

: : Daughters of the King
This is an ecumenical order for women who seek through prayer, service and evangelism to be lights for the kingdom. “The object of this Order shall be the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Service, and Evangelism.”

: : Eucharistic Visitors
EV's, as they are known, visit & take communion to sick and home bound members of the congregation.

: : Finance Team
This team is responsible for the compilation of the annual parish budget as well as other financial reporting.

: : Greeters
Greeters serve as the "face of St. Paul's" welcoming both newcomers and old friends.

: : Holy Hospitality
H2 seeks to welcome and incorporate visitors and new members into the congregation.

: : Lectors
The public reading of Holy Scripture during worship as well as leading the prayers falls to the Lectors.

: : Men's Group (forming)
Parish men's group that meets monthly at a local pub for theological discussion and bible study.

: : Parish Life
The coordination of parish events throughout the year to help us get to know each other in a social setting.

: : Prayer Chain
through intercessory prayer this group meets to hold up in prayer those who are ill, recovering or giving thanks for healing.

: : Peace & Social Justice
Seeking to be a voice for the voiceless and muted in our community and our world, the Peace & Social Justice Team gathers to discuss and act on issues of Justice and building peace.

: : Stewardship
"Time, talent and treasure" are all gifts from God that we seek to give back to God. What we do after we say "I believe". Stewardship reflects our commitment to making God's love known through the realities of human life and our use of all that God has given us. It is also our service to God's world and our care of creation.

: : Service and Outreach
Provides opportunities for service and volunteering in order to keep our parish focused outside the walls of the building.

: : Vestry
Governing body of the church which works with the rector in leading the congregation with members serving a 3 year term. Vestry members are usually elected at the parish meeting. The presiding officer of the vestry is the rector. There are usually two wardens. The senior warden leads the parish between rectors and is a support person for the rector. The junior warden often has responsibility for church property and buildings. A treasurer and a secretary or clerk may be chosen.











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