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Here are some links that will help you get a better understanding of who we are as Episcopalians as well as useful information to help you in your journey of faith. We hope that you will visit us again soon.

[+] The Episcopal Church
The home page of the Episcopal Church.

[+] The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
The home page of the Diocese of Michigan.

[+] St. Paul's Cathedral Detroit
The Cathedral center of the Diocese of Michigan.

[+] The Book of Common Prayer
Texts from the Book of Common Prayer from around the world.

[+] The Bible Online
Helpful resource on the Bible with a number of different translations.

[+] The Lectionary page
The readings used during worship in the Episcopal Church.

[+] Lesser Feasts and Fasts
The calendar of saints' days approved by the Episcopal Church.

[+] The Hymnal 1982 Online
One of the official hymnals of the Episcopal Church.

[+] The Daily Office Online
The texts of ancient prayers used throughout the day.





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