The Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs
Xth Bishop of Michigan

Seal of the Diocese of Michigan



: : The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

We are a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, which is comprised of some 90+ congregations, schools and institutions. The Diocese of Michigan is led by The Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs who is the tenth bishop of the diocese. Bishop Gibbs was consecrated bishop in February of 2000.

Founded in 1832, the Diocese of Michigan is currently made up of 92 congregations in southeastern and southcentral lower Michigan.

: : Diocesan Mission Priorities

As the body of Christ in the Diocese of Michigan, St. Paul's participates fully in the mission priorities of the Diocese. As a whole the Diocese has pledged to engage in the following five priorities.

Youth and Young Adults:
Intentionally include and encourage full incorporation of youth and young adults in the thinking, work, worship and structure of the church.

Revitalize and transform congregations. Help our Diocese and communitiies (congregation, chaplaincies etc.) to grow and develop both in health and membership and meet the needs of both the faith communities and local areas.

Justice, Peace and Diversity:
Promote justice and peace for all God’s creation Reach out to the dispossessed, imprisoned, and otherwise voiceless but in need. Reaffirm our commitment to greater diversity at every level of the church and community.

Leadership Development:
Leadership and team-building enhanced through developing stronger and more effective teams of laity and clergy. Provide opportunities and models for celebrating successes – sharing best practices, tools and common concerns.

Episcopal / Anglican Identity:
Develop a deeper understanding of our foundational beliefs, our Anglican heritage and our American Episcopal Church’s structure, roles and responsibilities.




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